Lake Orion & Bloomfield Hills Snow Plowing

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Residential Snowplowing in Lake Orion & Bloomfield Hills

Are you tired of struggling with snow-covered driveways during the harsh winter months? Look no further! Our professional snowplowing services are here to save the day. We guarantee efficient and reliable snow removal that will keep your property safe and accessible. Hev’s Hauling prioritizes customer satisfaction, ensuring prompt and thorough snow removal so you can navigate the winter season worry-free. Don’t let the snow slow you down – contact us today for a free quote and let us handle the heavy lifting.

We offer 24 hour service

Pay by the season or by the push

We Offer Shoveling For Sidewalks Or In front Of Garages

If you’re tired of clearing your walkways or in front of your garage we provide that service too. We understand how hard it is to shovel snow covered areas, we are happy to help you remove the pesky snow.


Safety is the most important part to us. Communication is key when it comes to ensuring safety during snowplowing. We stay in contact with our customers to provide a peace of mind. We will contact you the night ahead if we will be plowing or not. We go out when it’s 2 inches or higher, but if there is a need for snow removal we will gladly come out. Don’t hesitate to text or call at anytime.

We make sure to mark your driveways with bright flags so we can see where we are plowing, and plow with caution during times with low visibility.

Free Quotes

At Hev’s Hauling we place great value on providing free quotes to our customers. We believe that transparency and open communication are the foundations of a successful business relationship. Follow the steps below to schedule your free quote.

How To Schedule a Free Quote For Your Driveway:

1.) Call or text us your information.

2.) One of our respectful team members will arrive at your house and determine the quote.

3.) We will call and email you with the quote.

4.) If you’re happy with the quote, we will come out with our plow flags to mark your driveway.